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218 A East Tremont Street, Charlotte, NC 28203, US

Christensen Chiropractic


ChiroThin Weightloss

Exciting new weight loss product in us today to see how it can help you!!! 704-347-2888

"The holidays were not kind to my health. I felt like I had lost control and indulged in a lot of sugar and wine. At Dr Christensen’s suggestion I decided to do the NutriClear 15 Day Metabolic Cleanse. The first day I was miserable giving up my morning coffee and evening wine rituals. The second day I felt achy but took that as a good sign that the Cleanse was working. I was determined that I was not going to give up on this program. I am 70 years old and it is now or never. On the fourth day I felt on top of the world. Even though I could tell that my body was detoxifying I had a huge amount of energy and a positive attitude about the program. At one point I felt discouraged that I was not dropping a lot of pounds but kept reminding myself this was not a weight loss program but a cleanse and a way to develop some new habits. I finished the 15 days, feeling really great and the bonus was that I did lose 8.8 pounds and almost 2 inches off my waist. I am now on the ChiroThin program to continue with my weight loss and reinforce good nutritional habits. The biggest benefit to me personally is that I feel that I NOW have control and am empowered to make myself healthy in this new year. 

Bonnie M.